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Dr. Sadie Reynolds Ph.D.
Phone: 831.477.3292
Office Hours: TTh 11:30am -1:50pm
Location: 501A
Alternate Location: 518D

Academy for College Excellence (Digital Mgmt Career Prep) Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers (CCFT) Sociology

Dr. Sadie Reynolds Ph.D.
Director, ACE; Instructor, Sociology & ACE

Sadie with books...

Ph.D. Sociology (Feminist Studies), University of California, Santa Cruz
With Cabrillo College since 2008

How many people do you know who can honestly say they love their work -- who find meaning and purpose and joy in it?

Teaching and learning about society and culture is my life's passion. The California Community College system was one leg of my own remarkable journey of transformation -- "from GED to PhD." Teaching Sociology and Academy for College Excellence courses at Cabrillo College is an honor, a privilege, and the most fulfilling work I've done yet. It allows me to contribute to similar transformation and growth in others. I simply cannot imagine more engaging, exciting work.

The journey continues...

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